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Kicking Off the New Year: Behind the Scenes

Hey everyone! As the holiday season wrapped up, things slowed down a bit, and I didn't get as many orders as usual. However, I took advantage of the lull by assembling VIP cards for repeat customers. These cards feature a special discount code with a scratch-off, plus a little extra touch with satin finish stickers.

I also worked on my acrylic pins, attaching them to their backer cards. Despite some minor hiccups, like a pin falling off, everything turned out great.

A Little Backstory

One of my flagship designs, "Hay Comida en la Casa," started as a quick Instagram post that gained traction overnight. This success gave me the confidence to start my shop. Now, it’s featured on various products, including tote bags and magnets.

Keeping Things Organized

After a break for some of my mom's delicious cooking, I continued assembling and organizing. I added tiny stickers to the back of the cards to inform customers about a clear protective film on the pins, ensuring a satisfying unboxing experience.

Future Plans

Next, I'll be taking pictures of the finished products to add to the website. I'm excited to share these new items with you all soon!


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