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This vlog starts with a boba shop working sesh, where I completed a client site.

Order Fulfillment Time

Later, I taught my husband how to pack orders for our shop. He's keen to learn the entire process, especially for times when I might be unavailable. Today, he worked on a wholesale order, which is a bit more involved, so it was the perfect learning opportunity. He’s not quite convinced that it’s the fun part, though!

Accidental Tourist Day

A few days later, I met up with a friend for breakfast since it was Juneteenth and she had the day off. We planned to just have breakfast and maybe find a café to work from, but we ended up enjoying an unplanned tourist day in downtown LA. We walked through Grand Central Market, rode on Angel’s Flight (a charming but brief experience), and visited The Last Bookstore.

Business Updates: Estilo Podcast

Now, some small business updates! In a more relaxed, podcast-style update, I filled you in on other recent activities. The Libro Fair pop-up last week went really well. It was held at Horchatería Rio Luna, which offers a great space for such events, drawing a good crowd. A highlight was giving away old books, which was incredibly popular and something I might do more often. It really enhances the community aspect of our business.

Product Launches and Relaunches

On the product front, I've been busy too. I recently relaunched the boba straws, though the response has been mild. I'm also working on relaunching my popular pen sets, which involves navigating some challenges with customization and minimum orders. I'm optimistic about the outcome.

Quiero Creative Updates

On the creative studio side, I launched a website for a cookbook author, which was very exciting, though I didn’t handle the original branding. I also sent off final packaging designs to a returning client of mine.

The Realities of Running Your Own Business

With the current economic slowdown, I’ve also started looking for a job. Balancing business expenses with personal bills has been challenging, prompting me to consider part-time or full-time work to improve my financial situation.

Wrapping Up and Looking Forward

That's all for today's update! I'm keeping things straightforward as I get used to sharing more video updates.

Next time, I might tackle some office decorating, so stay tuned!

I’d love to hear about your job in the comments – are you managing your own business or balancing multiple gigs? Let’s connect! And please, don’t forget to like and subscribe for more updates. See you in the next one!


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