reusable boba straws for my latina gift shop 🧋 restocking, editing photos, graphic designer

Book Fair Recap

Last Sunday, I participated in a community book fair hosted by @brown.girl.travels and it was amazing! People came out to support, enjoy free haircuts for kids, tarot readings, and more. The spanglish jokes on my products got a lot of chuckles, and even some bros bought mugs for their moms and sisters. It was a fun and successful day, ending with my cousin’s graduation party.

Lasagna Madness 😅

Monday was a rest day after a busy weekend. Tuesday, I planned to work for a few hours and then have dinner with my cousins. I attempted to make my husband’s spinach and mushroom lasagna for the first time. What I thought would be a quick prep turned into a four-hour endeavor. It was delicious though! I highly recommend it, especially if you have vegetarians coming over.

Cleaning, Organizing and New Supplies!

Wednesday was a cleaning day. My office was a mess with delivery boxes and pop-up supplies scattered everywhere. After tidying up, my stomach started hurting, so I spent the rest of the day in bed, tossing and turning. Thursday, I opened new supplies, including colorful thermal labels and a stand for my thermal labels. These will help me organize better and make my packing process more efficient. I also got some spray paint for future DIY projects.

Boba Straw Restock

I received a new batch of "no seas boba" boba straws, an older item in my shop. I decided to only order the holographic ones this time since they were the most popular. I spent time doing quality assurance, sorting them into bins labeled “good,” “okay,” and “seconds.”

I did a complete reshoot of the boba straws to get better photos for the website. I chose warm-colored backdrops and took several close-up shots. Then, I edited the photos in Adobe Bridge, a tool I prefer over Lightroom for batch processing.

After editing, I mapped out the launch campaign. This usually includes an email to subscribers, an Instagram post, and sometimes a TikTok video. I use Notion to plan and script everything before creating the content.

Wrapping Up

This week was a whirlwind of events, cleaning, crafting, and prepping. I’m excited about the upcoming pop-up and will update you on how it goes next time. If you’ve made it this far, leave a comment and let me know your plans for the weekend. I appreciate each and every one of you who watches these videos. Have an amazing day!


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