studio vlog #5 🖋 pen samples, instagram live, annoying neighbors

Product Photography and New Collaborations

I finished packing today’s orders and decided to take photos of new notepads and earrings outside. The earrings were a collaboration with Blue Bottle Co. After shooting, I planned to spend the evening editing photos.

I aimed to update my shop with these new items on Friday for email subscribers, with a public release the following Tuesday. This update was exciting as it was the first time I had multiple new products going live simultaneously.

I also received some beautiful press-on nails from A La Meliora, designed to match my brand colors and designs.

Battling Noise and Unboxing New Samples

So, it had been a couple of weeks since my last video. I was all set to upload a vlog last Friday but didn’t have enough footage. Instead, I decided to share some recent Instagram Live snippets.

On Instagram Live, I showed off my latest project: creating hoop earrings with a detailed design, transforming a popular Instagram post into a sticker. I can’t draw traditionally, but I’m great at warping vectors in Illustrator and Photoshop, which helps me bring my ideas to life.

I also packed my first wholesale order, which was super exciting! After setting up my wholesale process, it was great to see immediate interest.

Later, I received some pen samples. The first batch had colors I requested: white, orange, and teal. The glitter wasn’t quite what I wanted, so I’m waiting for more samples to compare. The second batch came in a box and included all gold and rose gold pens. The quality was impressive, but I’m holding off on decisions until the rest arrive.

Despite the annoying loud music from my neighbors, I pushed through. I’ll save the Instagram Q&A for next time. Thanks for tuning in, and as always, let me know if you have any questions or content requests!


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