studio vlog #6 ☕️ q&a! new mugs! pen updates!

Hey everyone! Happy Friday! Today, I shot outside, showing off my new "Hecha en Los Angeles" shirt. I switched the colors around from my hat and sticker designs for a better look. Plus, it's a gorgeous day! 🌞

I also received some mug samples. My print-on-demand service is perfect for bulky items like mugs and shirts. The new designs include "Ya Guey," "But First, Cafecito," and a simple "Buenos Días." (They're available here!)

Taking photos of actual samples helps build trust vs using the basic stock photos the print-on-demand company provides. I'll be editing these photos and updating my shop next week. 📸

In the meantime, I answered some of your Instagram questions. Here are a few highlights:

Social Media Tips: Scheduling content ahead of time is a game-changer. I use Later for Quiero Prints and Planoly for personal posts.

Finding Your Community: Speak directly to your ideal customer. Imagine their whole personality, and talk to them as if they're your friend.

Organization: I live by Trello for task management. It's super easy and helps keep me on track.


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