preparing for a pop-up šŸŽØ crafting with mugs and magnets

IĀ had finished packing the weekend's ordersĀ and another one came in just as I was about to shut down, so I tackled it in the morning. A quick trip to the post office later, and I was ready for a crafty week ahead. I had supplies to use up and a popup event coming up, which meant lots of prep!

Crafting and Vinyl Transfers

I had these clear mugs I bought when I started Quiero Prints, planning to mix DIY and manufactured items. Quickly learned DIY wasn't for me; I prefer manufactured goods for quality and bulk. But, I decided to use up my DIY supplies for upcoming events. I simplified my sticker designs to make vinyl transfers for the mugs, a process involving trial and error. Managed to create a few decent mugs, though I remembered why I left crafting behindā€”trial and error is a pain.

Magnetic Meal Planners

Revisited an old idea of making dry-erase meal planners using magnetic sheets and clear vinyl. Inspired by thisĀ video, I found a better way to create these planners. Despite ordering the wrong size magnetic sheets, I was surprisingly pleased with the results and planned to make more.

Daiso Run Pop-up Prep

Needed display items for the popup event, so a quick run to Daiso was in order. They always come through!Ā I foundĀ collapsible, lightweight shelves perfect for showcasing the mugs. Also picked up pot lid holders and cosmetic organizers for displaying greeting cards and other products. Organizing the display is one of the more fun parts for me.

It was a hectic week of prepping for the book fair and popup events. Despite the chaos, I managed to get everything ready. Closed the week with errands, final preparations, and a dinner event.

I'm looking forward to the pop-ups and hoping for a successful turnout!


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