studio vlog #9 🎄 preparing the shop for christmas

I decided to revive this series for the holiday season. Maybe make one or two vlogs or go crazy and make one every week—who knew? That Sunday, I was in the office because there was so much prep work to do. My shelves were a mess, so I didn't show that. 

Packing Orders and Restocking

I had a lot of orders to pack, including a big one that required a lot of prep. I ordered new stock to ensure everything arrived in time for the holidays. I also designed a belated Christmas card. Even though it was already November 7th, I hoped to add at least three new designs to the shop.

Organizing and Inventory

First up, I re-inventoried and organized my best-selling sticker, "Échale Ganas, but Don't Forget to Take a Break." I also restocked the "Arroz" and "Frijoles" magnets. Staying organized helped me manage the holiday rush without feeling too stressed.

Adding Branding to Products

I realized that some products like my magnets and "Hay Comida En La Casa" bags didn’t have any branding. For large or wholesale orders, I added packaging. Magnets got header cards, and bags received hang tags. Moving forward, I might add small logos to the products to keep costs down.

I packed 100 magnets of each design and then started on the bags. Using my swift tag gun, I tagged each bag, adding a hang tag since they didn’t have my branding on them. This step was crucial for wholesale and large orders.

Restocking Christmas Cards

I restocked some popular Christmas card designs from last year, like "Happy Tamales and Champurrado Season." I also introduced two new designs for that year. My new Christmas cards were now up on the website, and I was excited to see how they did.

Big Oopsie

I received new packaging for stickers, featuring a pre-written thank you card and an art print on the back. However, I noticed a mistake—I had printed a message about an art print on the back of cards that didn't have one. I decided to use the cards for something else and reordered the correct ones.

Thanksgiving and Holiday Orders

I came in on Thanksgiving to catch up on priority orders since I fell behind due to moving and getting sick. I managed to pack the most urgent orders and started prepping new pen sets. The timeline for my orders and rebuys had been overlapping, making things hectic.

Co-Working Sessions and Final Thoughts

I joined a co-working session with some business friends, using a Pomodoro timer to stay productive. Packing orders while chatting with others made the workday more enjoyable. I finished most of the orders and appreciated the support.

I hope you had a great holiday season and a wonderful 2022!


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