studio vlog #7 👩‍💻 making gifs, business class, and a whole lot of talking

Weekend Creativity and Business Insights

Hey everyone! Happy weekend! I don't usually work weekends, but today I felt like making some gifs. Funny how my hobby of making fun graphics has turned into actual work. Remember when I wished for a job I loved so much that long hours wouldn’t matter? 🌟 Well, I guess I manifested that. 

This weekend, I worked from home instead of the office. I've been diving into my Human Design profile—turns out, I'm a "Generator," which means I thrive on creating and making. It makes sense since I always tie my self-worth to productivity. But hey, I genuinely enjoy what I do!

I started Sophia Amoruso's Business Class. The retro airline theme is so dope, and the first lesson helped me reflect on my goals, strengths, and weaknesses. It’s crucial for someone working independently like me. I'm learning to take my projects more seriously and do things with intention. 

I also considered niching down my branding and design services. Maybe to focus on Shopify—I love organizing products and creating pages that reflect a brand's values. It's something I've been pondering as I plan for the future.

On the practical side, I streamlined my packing process. I found a way to print packing slips on my Rollo printer, which will save time. Over the weekend, my husband and I filed our taxes and brainstormed ways to offer free shipping on Shopify. Lowering the free shipping threshold might help, considering my market of younger, often underpaid Latinas. 📦

I hit a snag with a pen order from a factory. Due to miscommunication, they produced the pens without my final approval. They’re not exactly what I wanted, but they'll still work.

I ordered boxes for shipping notepads and added a note to my "second sale" orders explaining the products' minor defects and offering a discount code.

I didn’t get to my business class today, but I’ll catch up tonight. Thanks for tuning in! If you have any questions about business, Shopify, or Etsy, let me know. Have an amazing day, and I’ll see you next time! 🎉


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