studio vlog #8 💌 spanglish father's day cards & the enamel pin fiasco

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since my last vlog due to some laptop storage issues, so I spent today backing up files and clearing space.

This Saturday, I decided to visit my parents and get some extra work done since I’m getting my second COVID vaccine on Monday, which might knock me out for a bit. I wanted to get ahead so I wouldn’t have too much to catch up on.

New Mail and Office Reorganization

When I arrived, I had a bunch of mail waiting for me, including some new tissue paper and a tripod for overhead shots. The new tripod really threw me off because it works on a reverse "righty loosey, lefty tighty" mechanism—totally messed with my brain!

I got tired of the green tissue paper I've been using, so I switched to a craft paper with glitter. I decided to make little craft baggies to use less paper, which should keep things fresh and fun.

I also did some office reorganization. I moved my desk and spent a good few hours rearranging cables and setting up a new cart to manage all my equipment better.

Speaking of packing, I’ve been working on making my process more efficient. I figured out how to print packing slips on my Rollo printer, saving me a lot of time. 

Product Updates and Challenges

I had a bit of a snag with my pen order. The factory produced them without my final approval, so they’re not exactly what I wanted. They’ll still work fine, and I’ll be selling them at a discount in my "imperfect product" sale on Etsy.

I also received new transparent box organizers to help me see my inventory better. I’m a visual person, so seeing the colors and designs helps me stay organized.

Successful Product Launch

My new product launches, including birthday cards, pens, and an earring collab, went really well. The lights went out the day I did most of the work, so I have nothing to show you on camera, but trust me, it was productive!


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